week 1: swim

in all the years I lived there, I did very little of the tourist-y stuff. I cant tell you how the Alcatraz tour is but I can get you to a few good bars, places to eat on a budget and an awesome comic book lounge.

from early on, I made it a point to avoid the tourist traps, the few exceptions are things that eventually you cant avoid, if you live somewhere long enough you eventually see most, if not all of it.

i wanted to start volume four with a happy memory. i figured i'd try something different this time around.

this is about one night, on the piers, swimming in fog that was so thick that it muted the sounds of the bay, scattered the few working lights, and took the two of us into this little private world.

it was a surprisingly warm night (read: not as cold), no wind, and a her hand in mine.

these things, these little memories, is odd how they are forgotten for years and surface at random times, smells, a song, even a color, and there you are again, just like it was the night before.

this was a good one. a very, very good memory.
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