week 5: train

"been looking back, a thousand breaths, it so it seems in search of signs of change, in me.
but all i am is a cigarette closer to death, but that's enough for me, these days.
been thinking about those memories, those times we shared, albeit briefly, all these they slowly fade away, the promises we never had the chance to keep - how typical - but nonetheless how tragic all the same."

one of the first things i did when i moved to san francisco years ago was to get on some random muni or bart line and let it go around its route, i figured it would be as good a way as any to learn the local layout.
one of the last things i did before leaving that city six years later was to do the same.

i had spent so much time on those modes of public transportation that it felt like, well, like how you might feel about your local coffeeshop, bar, or anywhere you might spend your free time.

there was pretty much always something going on, the stories i collected while going to school, work, or wherever else were great studies in human behavior, and it supplied me with endless new people to discreetly sketch in moleskine.

having moved back to a rural area a car became a necessity and the public transportation here is kinda a joke.

there was going to be two entries for this week but i didnt really get around to finishing the other.
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