tension 3

there have been many stories i have told over the years that involve couches in some way or another. these are pieces of furniture designed to create intimacy, closeness, unity, reinforcing the social bonds between us human people. furniture, and how its used, intrigues me, i look at an old chair, or couch and wonder what that piece has seen over the years between showroom floor and abandoned on the street corner or some empty lot. 

i have experienced in my short time here on this planet a full range of human interaction from love to sex, anger to hate - indifference... i have fallen in love and had that same woman break my heart - both of these on the same sofa.

you'd think that given the amount of personal tragedy ive experienced on them that i'd learned by now to avoid the fucking things, but no.  

and this one i just can't help seeing something about to go wrong and not being able to do anything to stop it. all it needs is a small nudge.

and lastly the phenomenon that i have coined the term "tacobelly", which is what you get about ten minutes after eating at taco bell - and yet a month later, there i am, getting me some tacos.

sometimes i think that i'm too ridiculous to live.

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