week 12: children

 these were originally done for a prompt from last year, it was burst.

i've mentioned this a few times over the years that at one point i was dating a single mother. it was really a no win situation for everyone involved, i admit that i had a large part in that. i wasn't ready for an adult relationship, and i got involved in a relationship that i thought i could handle. as it turned out, for my part i was screwed up on my priorities and the whole thing really lasted a few longer than it ought to have. in fact it should have ended a few weeks into it when she tried to end it because, well, that doesn't matter. what happened was that i said that it was my decision to make whether or not i wanted to get involved.

at the time i really felt that if i let it end like that so soon for that reason alone i would be some kind of
asshole, i really did go back and forth and finally decided that i was serious and mature enough to step up and do it.

a few years later it was over and it wasn't pleasant. she is one of those ex's that i really am okay with not being with, i really don't "anything" her anymore. the parts i do miss is that i had a pretty good relationship with her mother and i miss that kid like i never thought i could.

she is now around ten or eleven and i wonder about her quite often.

but to the point, to the topic, there was this little kid who would always want to ride on my shoulders which was fine. i didn't mind most of the time, however as she got older she found it hilarious to beg me to pick her up and as soon as she was settled, this tiny person emitted an adult sized fart right on my neck and on the back of my head.

it got to be that i started to refuse and she would whine that her feet hurt and that she really wasn't going to do that again and like the fox and scorpion i'd relent and BRAAAAAP!

followed by laughter... lots and lots of laughter.

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