week 51: path

last week i met the newest addition to my family, Benjamin, my nephew.

i mentioned in the last post, the "long road", the path the decisions i made in life and where they led me. i know it sounds cliche but i really didn't make any plans past thirty, had i been correct, had i not made some changes, those things, those blessings in my life that i have experienced would never have happened. this path i've chosen isn't always so easy, i have to actually work through things i'd rather avoid or run from, but i'm finding more and more that the only way out is through and that the rewards for participating in life versus killing time between sleep or intoxication are legon/

it struck home, again, last week - in one those moments, i got to hold a brand new person, who will never (hopefully) see me drunk, who will never know a world without internet or cellphones, an infant who very well could be alive at the turn of the next century.

and his fingers are so tiny.
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