week 22 (52): mail

theres this concept in ecomics, or rule, or dictum or whatever, its called the law of diminishing returns.

its a pretty simple idea that can be made pretty complex by way of explanation.

i guess it boils down to there can be to much of a good thing, like too many cooks in a kitchen, or at a certain point the benefit of have having too, no matter how seemingly good, many things just dont stack.

sorry, i had to make those two jokes.

im probably not doing it justice so, here. its also entirely possible that im completely wrong with this and dont know what the hell im talking about which wouldnt be anything entirely new, but then again im no economist.

anyway in some ways this makes sense to me, in others its almost seems counter intuitive, i mean the more you put into something the idea is the better chance you should have to get something you want out of it right?

and then i think of things like drinking or drug use or lottery tickets, even eating, i mean you can only eat so much before you get a stomach ache right?

to quote (or paraphrase) chuck; on a long enough time line everyones chance of survival drops to zero.

mail is the same way i guess.

when i was younger, i remember getting something in the mail was a rare and joyous thing, it usually meant i got money or a comic or something.

then as i got older i got more mail, most of it were things that i had ordered and had wanted, there were some bills, but that was the price you paid for having a cell phone.

and then i got even older and did things like, go to college, and doctors, and started getting lots of mail.

slowly those things that i owned began to own me, i stopped looking forward to that mail box, and the bills and the junk that was presorted and bulk paid for on its way to my closest land fill.
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