just a small announcement, no big deal

id like to begin this post with an apology to all of you who have been visiting this last month checking to see if i had gotten around to posting and have kept coming back despite my last of activity on this project.

there are several reasons for my lack of posts, one of which is i have been feeling less than inspired the last few weeks, another is that there is a lot of stuff happening in my life (none of it noteworthy ironically) that is causing me much stress, anxiety, and distraction. it is very frustration and the illo above should illustrate how i feel inside my head.

that said i might not have much access to a scanner or an internet connection next month, and possibily even longer.

i hope that this will not turn out to be the case so check in and see, i will do my best to continue this project at least until the end of the current volume.

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