week 20: power

i went back and forth on this prompt several times between some funny, angry, and sad sorts of things. last night i figured out what i wanted to say and went with (hopefully inspirational).

i have reached a certain age where, when some things happen, i immediately think to myself that: "ï'm too young for this shit." things like watching divorces rather than marriages, things like friends that have kids that are the age their parents and i were when we met. that i have a friendship that has lasted over twenty years. and having friends, my age, and in many cases living far healthier life than i getting things like cancer.

i am now at an age where people i know, and love are starting to get older and it occurs to me  that some of them, well, all of them won't be around forever. i understand that death and loss are parts of life and that the alternative to growing old is being dead, but it is still a difficult concept to grasp that some day, sooner or later, i will have to have a life without them.

i can honestly say that the majority of the people in my life that i am close to, love and in some cases depend on are women, and that those women happen own a pair of breasts(go figure), and that there have been a few, already, "at my age" who have been diagnosed with this disease and are fighting it many with encouraging results. what scares the hell out of me is how many women that i know have been touched by this in one way or another. it just breaks my heart.

that the strength of these women, going through this ordeal those who survived and those who did not - show the power of will and spirit, courage, hope, and dignity did not allow themselves to be defined by this disease or be victims, and find that inner-power that can be found in the darkest chapters of life.

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