week 44: mask

i know, i know. it has been a while since the my last post. there have been several things that have been taking up my time  and energy and inspiration has been somewhat - less - forthcoming than it has been in in in some time. this is not to say that i haven't been productive, i have been talking to school to see if i can finish my degree, i have been looking for work - aggressively - among other things. basically i've been working on becoming an adult, even if it has been past due for a considerable amount of time.

this week's prompt, mask, was actually used early on waaaaaay back in 2006 - you can see the post here things have changed somewhat since then (oh, thank god!) i no longer (well, mostly) try to make myself fit the situation, to be one thing to one person and someone else to another. i have found that it takes a lot less effort and yields better overall results. i have been braver when facing things that scare me or are unpleasant. and i since i can no longer hide in a bottle i have had to accept things as they are and do my best to process and accept them.

also, i have been seeing someone.

i know that in the past i have talked a lot about the relationships i have been in, and i know how the cycle progresses. i think, this time things might be different. i'm different for starters.

i have been completely open and honest i have been present and willing to work to spend time with her. i don't have to play games or worry about being played. this relation so far has been based on friendship and communication.

like i said, things are a little different.

there was more that i was going to talk about, but i find myself a little reluctant to share some of those things at this point. what i will say is that i told her the other day that: "i can't tell you how i feel about you without sounding like a crazy person."

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